What makes ATLAS different from other local ministries?

Many ministries specialize in a given area of service such as housing, finances, or health.  In the context of our services, we partner with many organizations to  meet the needs of our clients as a whole. What distinguishes ATLAS is our commitment to building relationships.  We are structured to share life's journey with a person, truly helping them realize the nature and cause of their situation and directing them to stay on a path of restoration and redemption.

What does life skills coaching look like?

Each client has unique needs, so ATLAS works closely in a one-to-one relationship with clients to assess needs, develop goals and provide hands-on assistance.  ATLAS staff walk alongside clients, teaching and speaking truth in love through initial weekly meetings. 

What is the role of the local church?

ATLAS is designed to work hand in hand with the local church. 
There are three keys areas in which we do this:

  • Coaching. Once clients have navigated the initial crisis phase, they are matched with a life skills coach who meets with them weekly to continue offering support and to encourage life skill development.
  • Formal Partnership:  Partner with ATLAS in a formal way by making an annual financial commitment to ATLAS in exchange for assessments related to benevolent requests, recommendations to your church pastor/deacons/care committees regarding financial assistance, and ongoing life skills coaching, budget counseling and referral services where needed.  Financial commitments range from $3,000 - $25,000 depending on church size and ability to give.
  • General Contributions. ATLAS tries to keep its overhead low so as not to be in constant “ask” mode. One time contributions of any amount are a huge blessing to us and ultimately to our clients.